Veggie Monsters - A Play Date

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Date: 12th Feb 2017
Time: 11:00am - 12:00pm
Price: By Invite Only, Get Your Invite

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Mr.Potato Head,how will you see?

I’ll give you some eyes so you can see me.

Mr.Potato Head,how will you smell?

I’ll give you a nose so you can smell well.

Mr.Potato Head,how will you taste?

I’ll give you a mouth so you can eat cake.

Mr.Potato head ,how will you hear?

I’l give you some ears so you will know when i’m near.

Come create your own potato head using veggies!

Join Candy Cane Club Playdate where parents and children will be making their own creations using vegetables.

This play date is for Candy Cane Club Members and Invitees Only. Join our Invite List now. 

2-7 Year-Olds

Mumbai | Pune