Let's Go Farming

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Venue: Your Home

Start Date: 1st Oct 2016, 09:00am
End Date: 31st Oct 2016, 09:00pm
Price: Members Only, Sign up for Annual Membership

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Hey Parent, get ready to experience the thrill of being able to Play With Your Child anytime, anywhere with Candy Cane Club.

We are going to help you gamify and make the most of Your Time With Your Child through all your indoor, outdoor, travel and mealtime routines. And if some accidental learning happens while playing, then yes, we ARE responsible for it ;).
Are you ready to Play with Your Child? Get Ready to Play Farming inside your own Apartment with your child throughout this month, whether you are cooking, driving, feeding your baby or at Work.

Join the Club! Download the Candy Cane Club App

You can also Play the Super exciting and adventurous Discovery Race with your Child through the month from your house, in your convenient time:
– The Race will be run throughout the month.
– It’s not to compete with other children but to discover your own child’s potential.
– There will be 4 – 5 tasks spread throughout the month.
– If you complete all the tasks you will win assured Prizes from us for your child.

Happy Play Parenting!

Questions? Call +91 9527002263

Harshada Moharil,

Engaging,Challenging and super fun that's what this App is all about...It's simple and easy to do on the go which makes it special. Bonus is I get to spend a great time with my child while he learns some basic skills.... Recommend it 100% to all the parents....