Is My Child Safe? - 9th September

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Start Date: 9th Sep 2016, 05:00pm
End Date: 9th Sep 2016, 06:00pm
Price: 150

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We read about children facing abuse every other day. We are shocked and scared but are we really doing the right things to ensure that our child is safe?

Children today are facing violence, sexual abuse and bullying in school, at home or in the playground.

We have to make sure our children know the difference between what is right and wrong? Children don’t know the terms sexual abuse or violence. We speak about Good Touch and Bad Touch but how does a child really distinguish a friendly hug from a much-adored uncle to an inappropriate touch by the uncle in the Playground?

Wondering how you are going to break into a conversation with your child and follow the above steps? The Key is to bring it down to their level of understanding and always make it a game, so they never forget! Register yourself to access this very special video created for Parents of 2 to 6-year-olds that will help you talk to your child with ease. Empower your Child to say ‘NO’ and stand up for themselves.

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Devyani Jadhav, I like this post.....instead of telling particular body parts this is easy n to the point.