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Venue: In and around your Home

Start Date: 30th Jul 2016, 10:00am
End Date: 30th Jul 2016, 06:00pm
Price: 400

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“Discovery Race”, an innovation by Candy Cane Club is not a competition with other children, It is not a Race against Time either, but a Race of your child’s own achievements. Each child is given a few tasks and they have to finish them to be their own Winner.

Get ready to work your little ones’ Minds and Bodies and set them on an adventure trip in and around your house, exploring all of their senses.

All the clues are designed by a team of experts and help create curiosity among children. All the tasks during the race are designed to be open-ended questions that lead the child to get more and more inquisitive around the topic.

Children from all over India will play this discovery race from their houses. The Race will involve completing a set of Tasks that will involve exercising the mind and body and exploring the sense of sight, smell, hearing, touch and taste.

Are you ready to Play with your Child?

Android Users participate through the Candy Cane Club App
IOS and other users you will be guided to join our Private Facebook Groups.
Questions? Call +91 9130019222

  • You will receive Tasks via the Candy Cane Club App on the day of the Race.
  • Set your child on the tasks given and watch him explore, discover and find the answers.
  • Send us back the pictures of the completed task. Pictures taken off the Internet will not qualify.
  • Complete all Tasks to be eligible for the Ultimate Award

  • Download the Candy Cane Club App on Android. IOS users, you can participate too; register for the contest and we’ll add you to our private facebook groups.
  • Sign up and login
  • Enter your child's date of birth so we can assign you to the right level for the Race.
  • Go into the current month's box
  • Find ‘Discovery Race’ in your Calendar and go into it.
  • Stay tuned on the App between 23rd and 24th July to receive your tasks.
  • Click a picture of your completed task using the camera icon below the task and upload.
  • Don't forget to select 'Publish to Post' during upload.
  • Win loads of prizes!

Shweta Gupta Jhunjhunwala,

Thank you candy cane clubs all the organiser for taking so much efforts to entertain kids while sitting @ home. Motivating kids to take part in all the activities. U r the Best.