Discovery Race - Kings and Castles

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Venue: Your Home

Start Date: 12th Nov 2016, 10:00am
End Date: 12th Nov 2016, 06:00pm
Price: Rs. 500

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Coming up on popular demand, Discovery Race – Kings and Castles.
The Discovery Race can be a perfect weekend plan for you and your 2-6-year-old without having to really step out of your house.
It is not a race against others but a race of your child’s own achievements. There will be 4-5 clues designed for your 2-6-year-old. You will get these clues on your phone one by one and you and your child have to find answers to them.
Think a 2 year old is too small for this? Try it! No, the clues are not puzzles or riddles but they are a fun, creative way to search for or make something, in your house. Things that 2-6-year-olds can easily find or make!
And the best part? Finish the race, meaning, finish playing all of the clues together with your child and you get a sure shot prize. An assured prize for your little one!

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Happy Play Parenting!

Questions? Call +91 9527002263

  • You will receive Tasks via the Candy Cane Club App on the day of the Race.
  • Set your child on the tasks given and watch him explore, discover and find the answers.
  • Send us back the pictures of the completed task. Pictures taken off the Internet will not qualify.
  • Complete all Tasks to be eligible for the Ultimate Award

  • Download the Candy Cane Club App on Android. IOS users, you can participate too; register for the contest and we’ll add you to our private facebook groups.
  • Sign up and login
  • Enter your child's date of birth so we can assign you to the right level for the Race.
  • Go into the current month's box
  • Find ‘Discovery Race’ in your Calendar and go into it.
  • Stay tuned on the App on 5th November, Saturday to receive your tasks.
  • Click a picture of your completed task using the camera icon below the task and upload.
  • Don't forget to select 'Publish to Post' during upload.
  • Win loads of prizes!

Harshada Moharil,

Engaging,Challenging and super fun that's what this App is all about...It's simple and easy to do on the go which makes it special. Bonus is I get to spend a great time with my child while he learns some basic skills.... Recommend it 100% to all the parents....