Discovery Race - Jobs People DO

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Venue: Your Home via the Candy Cane Club App

Date: 27th Aug 2016
Time: 10:00am - 06:00pm
Price: Rs.400

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We are back with another Discovery Race, a weekend game play for your child and you. Get ready to explore the different jobs people do with your child through fun filled tasks from the Discovery Race – Jobs People DO.
Remember, The Discovery Race is NOT a competition with other children, it is not a Race against Time either, it is a Race of the Child’s own achievements. Every Child is given a few Tasks, communicated through the Parent, and they have to complete them to be a Winner.

All the tasks are designed by a Team of Experts and help create curiosity among children through open-ended questions that lead the child to become more and more inquisitive around the topic.
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Android Users participate through the Candy Cane Club App

IOS and other users you will be guided to join our Private Facebook Groups.

Questions? Call +91 9130019222

Smita Nanal,

Complete Child Friendly and Innovative. The Treasure hunt for little divers was fabulous. It has ended and we want more. All tasks were very interesting and kept us busy for long. We are happy to be a part of Candy Cane Club. AN EXTREMELY INNOVATIVE APP and as always Angad has a blast. My son aged 4 completely loved the egg hunt and we had the same kind of enthusiasm from Candy Cane Club. A must for every child!!!