Discovery Race - Dinosaur Egg Hunt

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Venue: All India, From Your House

Start Date: 30th Jan 2017, 04:00pm
End Date: 31st Jan 2017, 08:00pm
Price: 1000

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Shipping Dinosaur Eggs to you! Play yet another treasure hunt in your own house.

Get ready for some thrilling, fun evenings with your child where it is going to be all about warming, hatching and finding clues inside the Dinosaur Eggs that will take you on a treasure hunt in your house.

For 3-7 Year-Olds.

Pan India.

Free for Members.

Prizes by PodSqaud Box

The race is played in parent child team. Parent supervision is required throughout the race.

  • This race is designed for 2-7-year-olds.
  • The participating team receives ‘Dinosaur Eggs’, which is a must-have to start the race.
  • These eggs will lead them from the start point to the finish point of the race with hints for each clue that they will receive.
  • The eggs will come with a set of instructions. Please follow them carefully to able to enjoy the race to the fullest.
  • The parent communicates the clue to the child and the child has to find the answer
  • Teams have to click a picture of the completed task and share on Candy Cane Club App.
  • Pictures taken from the internet will not be accepted.
  • The winners will be announced on the Candy Cane Club App.

  • Download the Candy Cane Club App.
  • The race consists of tasks which will appear in the app.
  • Participants have to complete all tasks.
  • Click pictures of the completed task.
  • Post them on the Candy Cane Club App.
  • The winner will be the one who will have posted all the tasks.