Can I Eat Chocolates? - Kids Interview a Dentist

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Venue: In your House

Date: 17th Jul 2016
Time: 11:00am - 06:00pm
Price: Rs 50

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Hey Parents! What if your Child had an Opportunity to Interview a Dentist? What questions would she have?
Here is a great opportunity for you to talk to your child about Who a Dentist is and What an Interview is.
Children’s minds work so fast, don’t they? They can actually come up with questions we wouldn’t have thought of. This is not Q&A session with a Dentist for you, but an Opportunity for your Child to ask the cutest most obvious of Questions and get Answers that’ll make learning fun for them, from a real Dentist. “Do I have to Brush after every meal?” or “Do I really have to Stop eating Chocolates?”

And that’s not it! Get a chance to win a special prize for the “Most Adorable Question” asked on the App.

How to join? Register for this one-of-its-kind Interview Event. Send us Questions from your child on the Candy Cane Club App , after talking to your child. Watch the Live Interview with the Dentist on the Candy Cane Club App where your Child’s questions will be asked and answered in a way your child understands and learns.

So, what are you waiting for? Just click on Book Now and send us your questions. Here is another means of spending a great time with your child on the weekend.

Android Users participate through the Candy Cane Club App
IOS and other users you will be guided to join our Private Facebook Groups.
Questions? Call +91 9130019222

Post Your Questions on the Candy Cane Club App during or before the Interview Event.

  • Download the Candy Cane Club App on Android. IOS users, you can participate too; register for the contest and we’ll add you to our private facebook groups.
  • Sign up and login
  • Enter your child's date of birth so we can assign you to the right level.
  • Go into the current month's box
  • Post Your Questions on the Candy Cane Club App during or before the Interview Event in the Posts section of the App.
  • Find ‘Kids Interview A Dentist’ in your Calendar and go into it.
  • Stay tuned on the App on 17th July to watch the Live Interview with Your Child.
  • Stand a chance to Win a Prize for the most Hilarious Question asked.

Latika G,

I am exploring new ways to engage my daughter by performing activities mentioned in the app for kids. And the best part is parents are totally involved and it can be done from convenience of your home and time. You can save these memories on the app too. So learn, explore and enjoy the candy cane club app.