Play Parenting

All Work & All Play?

May 31, 2017

 The Benefits of Play-based Learning “Children learn as they play. Most importantly, in play children learn how to learn…  

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6 Hacks For Star Gazing With A Toddler

Sep 11, 2016

One weekend as I sat with my usual cup of morning coffee and Mumbai Mirror to help me find something…  

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Turn Troublesome Twos into Terrific Twos

Sep 04, 2016

Hey Parent, You are Welcome to the Club! If you’ve been here for a while now, you know the…  

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5 Hacks For Travelling With Kids On A Vacation

Aug 31, 2016

I am a travel enthusiast and I make sure I travel to new destinations every year, both within India and…  

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5 Reasons Your Child Should Dance

Jul 30, 2016

Movement is very natural in Children. They move to achieve mobility, they move to express a thought or feeling, they…  

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8 Benefits of Playing the Discovery Race with Your Child

Jul 21, 2016

Even before the Pokemon Go fever caught on, we’ve had our real world version of this viral game for…  

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