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What is Candy Cane Club?

Candy Cane Club is a Club for Parents with children in the ages of 2 and 7 years, that brings a whole lot of play experiences, adventure and events for your child and you, in your home and city. All our experiences make child think, analyse and explore the world around him. A panel of play experts puts together these experiences that makes child discover a whole new world around him.

Where is Candy Cane Club?

You have the convenience of access to the club anytime, anywhere through your smartphone. All of your real-world privileges, whether it is a Treasure Hunt in your house or a Play Date with other like-minded Parent members or a discovery race across your city , they are delivered to you at your fingertips via the App.

How Do I Become a Member at Candy Cane Club?

Select a 3 month or 12 month Membership and complete your payment process online on our website. The membership is currently open for all.  The membership is likely to become accessible only by invite in the near future..

Is a Trial possible before I take the Membership?

We do offer a 7-day trial where you can get a glimpse of what you will experience in a full membership. Call us for a Trial at +91 9130019222.

What does my Candy Cane Club Membership get me?

Effortless Family Time. We help you spend more time with your child through ‘Play’ anywhere, anytime, without feeling pressured.

What you Experience?

Theme Based Play-At-Home Calendar with age-appropriate play ideas, events and adventure that will turn your daily routine chores into a fun time with your child and fill up your weekends with things to do and places to go with your child

Discovery Based Weekend Treasure Hunts in your own house that encourage curiosity and discovery in your child.

Access to Invite-Only Events for the Parent and Child, in your City.

Play Dates for your child and you with like minded Parents and their children.

Hand-Picked Toy and Book Recommendations and the convenience of buying them at a click.

Pop Up Toys and Book Sale from some of the good brands in the country.

Movie Date with the Kids followed by fun games.

Fun Ask-Me-Anything Interviews with People and Characters that Children Love.

Play Based Guided Tours to City’s Best Attractions.

Birthday Surprise for your Child.

Exclusive Savings and Benefits at Partner Events for Kids in the City.

How is the Membership for Mumbai & Pune Cities different from the Membership for other cities in India?

Currently the full membership is available only for Mumbai & Pune Cities. The membership for other cities is limited to the Play-At-Home Calendar, inclusive of the Treasure Hunts. The full membership which includes neighborhood play-dates, movie dates, signature events and play-based guided tours in the city, will be launching soon in other cities. Your Play-At-Home membership will be auto-upgraded to the full membership if and when it is launched in your city.

What is my Play Calendar and Where can I find it?

Your Play Calendar is your month long theme based, age-appropriate play ideas, events and adventure that will turn your daily routine chores into a fun time with your child and fill up your weekends with things to do and places to go with your child. Members can access their Play Calendar on the Candy Cane Club App.

What is a Play Date?

A Play Date is where you get to hang out and interact with other like-minded parents who are also members of the club, while your children get to socialize and play with other children, in your neighborhood cafe or local park.

What is the Weekend Treasure Hunt at Home?

We call the Weekend Treasure Hunt the Discovery Race. The Discovery Race can be a perfect weekend plan for you and your 2-7-year-old without having to really step out of your house.

It is not a race against others but a race of your child’s own achievements. There will be 4-5 clues designed for your 2-7-year-old. You will get these clues on your smartphone one by one all through the weekend and you and your child have to find answers to them.

Think a 2 year old is too small for this?! The clues are not puzzles or riddles but they are a fun, creative way to search for or make something, in your house. Things that 2-7-year-olds can easily find or make.

How will the Candy Cane Club Membership Help Me?

All the Play that we create for you in and outside your house become an indirect means of a good conversation between you and your child.

You are always amazed at discovering the true potential of your child.

You enjoy your child the way you used to enjoy your nieces and nephews!

You see your child becoming smarter by the day through constant exploration.

You socialize with like minded mums and dads while your child learns to socialize with other kids their age.

My child is 1.5 years of age; will the Membership be useful to me right away or should I wait till my Child turns 2?

You can avail the Membership right away at 1.5 years. We design Play Experiences for children between the ages 2 and 6 but we believe every child grows at a different pace. You will be amazed at how much your child understands and how fast he learns through discovery.

Can I send my Nanny or my domestic help to accompany my child to the experiences created by Candy Cane Club?

At Candy Cane Club, we believe that for children under the ages of 6 years have the maximum fun only when they are with their parents. Children of this age consider their parents to be GOD. They believe every word that their parents say. Keeping this in mind, all our experiences are created keeping the parent as the center of play.  You can send your nanny with your child but the experience may not be that fulfilling as otherwise.

So make sure at candy cane club you are there with your child as a part of the experiences as these will create some great memories for you and your child.