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Candy Cane Club

An exclusive club that brings like minded parents together through a whole lot of play experiences and adventure.

Family Play

The focus at the club is all about ‘PLAY’. Play all that you want, all that you can, with your child.

Social Play

Play and interact with other like-minded parents and children in your neighborhood.

Why Candy Cane Club?

Personalized, curiosity based experiences for the Parent and Child

Play-At-Home Calendar

Enjoy your theme based calendar where play is organised for your child all week. Play that has discovery, creativity, thinking, exploring and YOU in it.

Weekend Game Host

Weekend Treasure Hunts

Experience weekends that are more than just a trip to a mall. Play discovery based treasure hunts inside your own house with your child.

Play Dates & Signature Events

Hangout with like-minded parents while your child plays with other kids. Get discounted access to our experiential learning events.

Toy & Book Guide

Hand-Picked Toys and Books

Buy hand-picked toys and books that are absolutely appropriate for your child’s age and level at the convenience of a click.

Upcoming Experiences

Let’s Play Together, You and I

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